LaunchPads versus ChainBoost — Our Solution to a Saturated Market, Providing Long-Term Growth

The Decentralizing Evolution of the Gaming Industry

Those knowledgeable in the field realize the exponential potential of decentralized gaming due to its unique amenities. These include the use of in-game NFTs to monetize and provide trading opportunities with their fellow community members, allowing governance for true democratic order by players so that they can decide the trajectory of evolution, amongst a whole host of other features that are only now possible by leveraging Blockchain technology.

Why the Incongruence Between Potential and Market Growth?

This growth, however, has since been slowed by the absurdly high transactional fees brought on by the current hub of decentralized gaming, Ethereum. With other blockchains providing better metrics, one may ask why these gaming networks are not converting? What we have learned is that these decentralized gaming projects are intensely difficult to properly code and execute, and as a result these projects don’t have the time or manpower to learn about the various avenues of Blockchain layers that they can actionably host onto. As of yet, launchpads on the market have not provided actionable steps or guidance for decentralized gaming companies to excel in this field. This is where ChainBoost comes into the play: We present to you a launchpad incubator that hosts and directs the most rigorously tested projects through the landscape of the crypto market to assure that the best ideas come into its full fruition. We based our platform uniqueness off of the several requirements experts in the field believe is necessary to enact a mission of this scale, which include:

1. Highly secure and adaptable smart contract functionality.

2. Integrated scoring system to immunize the community from arbitrageurs.

3. Ongoing guidance for projects launched on the platform to promote longevity.

2021 Smart Contract Functionality in Action

The central idea of blockchain technology is the tamper-proof nature of its underlying mechanics. While it is still leagues more secure than the conventional centralized technology that big companies utilize, the security and diverse functionality of smart contracts have been lacking thus far. This is why we are ecstatic to provide to our ecosystem the ingenuity of VRF smart contracts that’s been formally validated as the most up-to-date tech in the space, created by the Chainlink team. Put simply, VRF utilizes random number generation to assure security against the most advanced hackers, while still having the high computational power and diverse functionality only a team of this stature could deliver on. This technology will be used within our ChainBoost ecosystem, and is offered to decentralized gaming projects to assure they have 2021 technological advantage.

Assuring a Fairer Ecosystem in Cryptocurrency

Another injustice plaguing investors on launchpads is by those undergoing arbitrage; Causing large fluctuations in token price, thereby negatively affecting the project’s total capital, and can inevitably lead to the failure of a quality project. That is why we at ChainBoost have BoostScore in place, a proprietary scoring system that aims to make arbitraging a thing of the past. A scoring system is also used to reward user behavior that benefits the community, such as increasing the likelihood for the user to obtain future allocations to other quality projects within the platform. In line with this, these systems will disallow negative behavior from propagating in our ecosystem, and will assure that all legitimate contributors will have peace of mind in knowing that the system is built to promote equitability free from malicious action. Look to the figure below to understand the variables we consider when determining a user’s BoostScore on the platform.

Figure 1: Variables used to determine user BoostScore

Community is Everything Within ChainBoost

Projects launching within our ecosystem become part of the ChainBoost family. As a result, we will go to the fullest extent possible to assure the health and prosperity of not only their launches, but of their ongoing trailblazing efforts. We will be ready with strategic advisors and legal representation whenever these projects see stagnancy in their ascension within the market, and will provide in-depth support to enhance the sales of their NFTs and even connect them with companies that would act synergistically with their mission and product providence. See the figure below to get an idea of the extensive steps we will go through to assure prosperity of the ChainBoost family.

Figure 2: Support options for incubated and boosted projects

ChainBoost Propels Change for Video Gaming

We at ChainBoost don’t look at the short-term benefits current launchpads prioritize whilebuilding their network. Instead, we create a nurturing environment leveraging the most up-to-date technology to assure all of our community’s projects are here for the long run. decentralized gaming needs direction and specialization to penetrate into the market as the new age of video gaming, and this was exactly why we created ChainBoost with this degree of meticulous specificity. Top tier projects such as Polkafantasy have already witnessed our platform’s modulative power, and through honest work and development many more will join in this video gaming revolution. To learn more, look to our website for an in-depth summary of our technology.

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