#GAMEZONE proudly introduces the next exclusive game: #POLYGOD!


“Better to fight and fall, than to live without hope”

Drown yourself in a journey 1000 years back and explore the secret world of Norse Mythology.

Polygod is a virtual tower rush video game which pits players in 1v1 combat, in which the objective is to destroy the most opposing towers, with the destruction of the King’s Tower being an instantaneous win. The winner takes all!

Polygod players have a wide arsenal to enjoy the game. Building, leveling up, NFTs, play-to-earn, crafting and unique dual coin mechanics! All of this is set in the Norse Mythology to the finest detail!

Initial market cap: $288k

Launch date: 18th November


Official links
⚔️ Polygod:

Get ready for an epic rivalry! A whole community competing for honor, glory and amazing rewards!

Two clans. One goal.

- Arven Fra Krig or Legacy Of War Soldiers that chose to inherit the patrimony of the warriors of the north and will fight till their last breath to preserve their legacy. …

PolyGod Double Tokens

PolyGod will issue two tokens, one with a fixed supply called $GULL, which means coin in Greek, and one with a mint ability named $MYNT, which means gold in Greek.

$GULL Token

The GULL token will have a fixed supply of 150,000,000 GULL which will be sold in seed and launch as…

PolyGod Technology

Recent technological advances have offered a chance for an altogether new and innovative ancient battle fight experience. Real-time graphics technology, enables dramatic video game aesthetics. Blockchain technology, in the form of the polygon protocol, enabled a largely serverless and secure gaming experience. …

Humza Nasir

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